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Tendsweb is a digital marketing and website design company focusing on digital, interactive, creative promotion And designing based in the cleanest city of India. We are a team of focused young minds performing at their peak to make a benchmark in their field of Expertise. In our team you will witness team work , dedication, punctuality , passion and constant hunger for being there best version.

Our Vision

To facilitate those business enthusiasts who wants to run their business in online world but aren't technologically and digitally sound.

Our Mission

Your Dream. Our Work. Your Satisfaction. Our Dream.

About Us
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About Us

About Us

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Divyansh Tomar (CEO & Founder)

LIFE At Tendsweb

Here at Tendsweb, we nurture a family with an intent of getting the Job Done!

With culture, tradition, passion and teamwork, all infusing into a harmonious blend of a team, we aim to help you lead and succeed. When you become our client and come under the shadow of this fostering umbrella of conduct, there is no road bump or block to stop you from achieving your goals.

Our approach to tend to your goals is as reliable as an advice delivered from a wise old shrine, as proven as the existence of an atom, and tested enough to score the goals and win the game. So, wonder no more and join in to climb up the ladder of success that you have dreamed of.

“ Hard work is what we know, Hard work is what we do.”

About Us

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