Pay Per Click Management Services

Time is money and thus of essence. Our Pay Per Click Management Service Agency, therefore, understanding and acknowledging the implications of the stated, provides you with the best paid campaigns that completely live up to their potential and return the investment along with fat profits, thus, making your business reach exemplary heights. We do so through:
Pay Per Click Management Service

Why these major goals?

Well, in the simplest of words, if one can, any person wouldn’t think twice before buying a famous brand and they wouldn’t consult multiple people before spending good money over it. This is not just because of the quality but rather the brand identity, recognition and awareness these companies have gained over the years in the industry as well as the trustworthy relationships they have developed with their customers.

Earning an exponential increase in your website traffic:

The most result oriented and productive of all the digital marketing methods and techniques, Pay Per Click Management can fruit as a breakthrough for your business. Our PPC services, can therefore, generate an instantaneous and exponential increase in the website traffic as we manage it all in a manner which ensures that whenever a search for a relative keyword to yours is made, your website would be directly in front of your potential client’s eyes, just one ‘right’ click away.

Producing & Reproducing Rapid Results:

While other paths and processes to win the first position in this rat race of SERP might be as vital and significant as any, they do take a lot of time brewing and nurturing, thus, the stated period drinks up loads of time during which you could have already gained leads and converted them into your clients, flourishing your business to huge lengths. Avoid such complications, get a complete return of the investments made plus remunerative profits with our Pay Per Click Management service.

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What services we Provide?

Our Agency renders PPC management services with the goal of not just getting your website with an increased Click-Through Rate but also on getting as many conversions out of them as possible. To achieve that, we provide a plethora of services. Some of the following of which are:

Pay Per Click Management Service

Google Search Ads:

Over 3 billion searches are made on Google’s Search engine each day. Out of these 3 billion searches, many are made using the same keyword or a relative one to yours which could pave the path directly to your website, only if it shows up in the SERP. Thus, without taking any chances on losing potential clients or losing time, we provide PPC Management services for streaming your Website right into your audience search results, in the top 3 positions directing massive target traffic to you.

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Google Shopping Services:

When you are intending to sell your product, popping up right under the search box or in the SERP with a visually inviting imagery of it can go great lengths in achieving the stated. Our PPC management agency handles these affairs exceptionally, helping you trade online than ever before.

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Google Remarketing Ads:

Once you have gained an expansive CTR, it is essential that these potential customers are followed up in order to land them as clients. This follow up which could result into complete conversion of these prospects is attained through Google Remarketing Ads. Through our Google Ad Management Service, our experienced PPC campaign management specialists design result oriented, eye catching banners that continually nudge and remind the prospect to go through the complete process of buying.

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What Procedure do we follow?

1. Assign an Advertising Specialist to your Account:

Our PPC management agency aims to tackle your unique and individual problems in the same manner as they deserve and require. To make sure that happens, your accounts are assigned with a PPC Campaign management specialist committed to only you and your accounts who remain in contact with you constantly for proper communication. This assigned Manager will study your business and its requirements thoroughly then device and execute the strategy accordingly.

2. Identify Keyword Opportunities for Your Business:

It is imperative to us that you spend money with the promised assurance of a proper return in investment, thus we do all the necessary research, evaluation and analysis before making you finance into a keyword for the PPC Google Ads. The keyword chosen must be targeting the appropriate audience, directing them to your website as well as be cost efficient, i.e without much competition but with traffic. We aim to accomplish the best.

3. Analyze Competition:

There is always a bright side to everything, which applies to competition as well. The best of learning is through mistakes, and what is better than learning without even making them. Yes, indeed, learning from the mistakes others made.Overseeing and analyzing what your competitors are doing, what techniques are harming or benefiting them, etc can make your PPC Campaign Management a greater success. We thus, understand the significance of this particular step to take our work one step further towards success and therefore inculcate it accordingly in the procedure.

4. Ad Creation:

Now, coming down to the most important phase of the entire procedure which holds the crux and soul of the entire campaign, Ad Creation. Our PPC Management Agency employs some of the most talented content creators and campaign managers to generate effective and flourishing Ads with eye catching visuals and engaging keywords that target your preferable audience. The Creation process is dealt with utmost attention and care and only the ones with the most potential of being high performing ones go live.

5. Monitor Your Ads and Optimize:

Learning from the 4 ‘W’s: ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘When’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’, our PPC management services never lose momentum from a few road bumps here and there. After surveying and recognizing a specifically faltering area of the campaign, we find the answers to these 4 ‘W’s and How.We determine what precisely went wrong, where & when it went wrong, why it went wrong and ultimately, the million dollar question, How to resolve it. With this continuous zeal and determination to keep going and succeeding, even when faced with complications , we strive to thrive.

6. Reporting and Communication:

Last but not the least , we know that progress reports are essential to becoming better. Understanding the same, your assigned PPC campaign manager you are in contact with continually will also provide you with weekly and monthly reports and analytics of the implemented strategy’s outcome.
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What makes us Unique?

We, as a Pay Per Click Management Agency, strike the perfect balance between creativity and rationality throughout the process of creation, management and execution of the campaign devised for your business exclusively. This is followed by an exceptional follow through process of monitoring and thus continually excelling by striving for being better through creation of unique content to gain maximum results, etc. We aim for you to lead and pioneer.

Frequently Asked Questions


What value do we bring, both qualitatively and quantitatively?

We measure the effectiveness of our pay per click management service through the substantial progress it brings in their respective key metrics online, increased website traffic, subsequent growth of the rate of complete conversions & purchases and brand recognition through the momentous surge in the audience engagement overall.
This indicator framework is designed specifically to align and guarantee success by spiking up your sales and clientele.

What would be the estimated rise in my website traffic?

Website traffic through the means of paid advertisements on search engines is factorized by the money you invest in the campaign and the efficiency of our management skills and strategies of the campaign designed. Ad campaigns dishes a give and take relation. The more money you invest in the campaign, the greater the ROI accordingly.

What would be the estimated growth in the overall conversion rate?

The estimated growth in the conversion rate fluctuates randomly. But nonetheless, it does subsequently increase overall. The responses to the ad campaign drive a data inflow that helps assess the low performing areas, carving the track to optimize the stated and hence consecutively improve the following results.

Your product quality, price, and your online homepage address (website destination) also significantly affect the rate of conversions, which we, unfortunately, cannot handle and leverage to your benefit through the service we provide.

Would it be too costly to advertise?

As compared to traditional media, online advertisements are the boulder to the former’s mountains. But nonetheless, it does charge you per click on your website. The cherry to this cake lies in the quality of visitors since most of the people who will click on your webpage were already looking for a product or service like yours, this method would help separate the wheat from the chaff. Only the potential clientele out of the targeted audience will click on your site, promising a better possibility of an increased conversion rate and hence sales. Thus, the ROI proves to be significantly profitable.

Setup Fees and more

What is the setup fee?

It does take time and effort to feed individualistic detailed information of every new client into all the necessary systems and software before we can get started on with the research and analysis and the following steps accordingly. However, we also realize that the investments you want to make are budgeted and calculative, thus we do not charge you for setup.

What time before we get started?

As soon as the upfront payment is made, we set off to get started without much delay. Kicking-off with the prerequisite research, if necessary, followed by the development of the strategy which we follow till the very end, with the same momentum and zeal throughout the entire process of running the campaign.

Service and Working Together

Who will be directly managing my accounts?

We aim to administer very effective and micromanaged services to you. To accomplish the stated, your account is handled by a social media expert dedicated to your handle specifically. The aforementioned manages all the necessary aspects of your ad campaign regularly, be it recoding the low performing and high performing areas of the stated to making the necessary changes to make them perform better, and maintaining an active presence on the screens of those who’ve shown interest in your or relative products accordingly, hence placing yourself under new radars daily. This person will be your primary means of contact in case of any query.

All the actions performed are first reported and carefully analyzed by a Director, before delivering them to your hands, guaranteeing the best quality to be sieved through.

How are you aiming to learn more about my business?

Communication is the key. Once the basics are ran over with, we will prepare a suitably detailed questionnaire to get to know and learn about your business. This inquisition would be followed by a clarificatory call to understand more about your perspective and take on your brand’s advertisement detailings, your inclinations toward specific choices as well as clearing all remaining doubts or uncertainties regarding the questionnaire and your business left.

How do you aim to design ads specific to attain maximum ROI?

As we recognize your business vision, workings and product values, we also recognize your tastes and preferences through the aforementioned questionnaire. And since we have a record of the necessities, we start to build up the strategy using this data as building bricks. This strategy is devised concerning your ideal customer’s preferences to start with, as formerly stated. If the stated strategy for the ad campaign aligns well with you as well, we start infusing the data, graphics, trends and your brand identity into the ads developed to cook up dishes you’d approve of.

A calendar is set and all posts go live once they have your consent religiously.

Would I be required to provide content for the ad campaign?

No, you wouldn’t be required to provide us ad content. Nevertheless, the more, the merrier. If you do have ad content that you wish to poach into the campaign calendar, we would be more than glad to do so satisfactorily, since it is our priority to appease you by carrying out what we do best.

Thus, we will run the campaign with unique, original and promotive advertisements, the main featuristics of which would be to induce a sense of desire towards your product or service, increase your brand awareness & value, and look not too sales-y while doing so, rather striking the exact balance between promotion and content.

Do you aim to monitor the ad campaign throughout the process?

Of course. Your assigned AdWords expert will track every response of your ad campaign. Every advertisement fired up would be allotted a track record to identify the underperforming ones and henceforth make the necessary modifications in them to enhance and improve their respective ROI.

To make sure that your advertisements will prove to be as effective and impactful as intended while designing them, we run A/B split tests as well. Evaluating two groups who would most necessarily lie under your target audience umbrella accordingly, to guarantee the credibility of the stated tests.

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