Email Marketing Pricing

Email Marketing Pricing

Grow your subscriber list:

By implanting the necessary call to actions such as website pop up forums, floating headers and more, we will convert your website viewers into subscribers. Alongside we will also embed more lead magnets in the form of barters for quiz results, newsletter subscriptions, ebooks, checklists and guidebook promises for an exchange of the user’s email address. Our digital market experts will thus grow your list with potential client prospects.

Grasp your reader’s attention:

In assured successful attempts to grasp and maintain your subscriber’s attention, our email marketing experts will conjure emails that integrated with value and information to your target audience. This helps us keep your readers invested and attached to what you have to offer and deliver, thus building your brand credibility as well as increase your demand and need to them. The prices for the content sent is decided as per the complexity of matter and more.

Email Marketing Pricing
Email Marketing Pricing

Maintain consistent contact

The most imperative aspect of email marketing is to build relations and hence step up your conversion rate by acquiring full conversions. To ensure that the afore mentioned is achieved successfully, we maintain constant contact with your subscribers through the monthly email blasts we send or the drip campaigns we launch to conduct a scheduled flow of emails accordingly.

Avoid the Spam:

Since the content being delivered is concocted specifically keeping in mind your business’s ideal customer persons, the readership that doesn't show interest or responds can be filtered away since they seem to depict contradictory characteristics from the formerly stated. This ensures that your emails do not get forwarded to spam and the time, effort, resources spent to do the entire process stated also does not go to waste.

Email Marketing Pricing
Email Marketing Pricing

Caliber and Cost:

Our Email Marketing Services initiate from $____ per month and slides up the bar as per your individualistic needs. We will discuss with the campaign for email blasts, their frequency and numbers accordingly, and henceforth the prices for the stated will remain fixed. However as per the needs, if your lead magnets are promoted on social media and search engines respectively, the price rates for the stated would be charged additionally.

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