Social Media Advertising Pricing

Social Media Advertising Pricing

Management Fee:

We are a social media advertising company who offers personalized service. Thus, naturally, depending on the number of your multiple media platform account ad campaign channels that would demand to be managed and reach their respective target goals, our prices would vary. They would slide, most definitely, between a range of $_____ to $______, on an average. Kindly understand that this payment only includes the management expenses, i.e, barter for the time and efforts we are gonna employ for YOUR account’s ad campaign development, management, and optimization. The investments to pay for your advertisement spots, etc on the platforms are not involved in the stated.

We also realize that to yield the best results from your campaign for your account, it would require individual attention and care, detail-oriented management. Therefore, we assign an ad specialist, committed to your campaign personally. This person would be entirely devoted to achieving the results promised and report the ongoings to you regularly. Thus, while you run and flourish other aspects of your business, we boost it on a global level, hence you kill two birds with one stone.

Advertising Dollars:

We know that time can sometimes be a slight barrier when the goals you want to accomplish are big and the deadline lies in the near future. The organic approach proves to be more profitable in the long run and, while it is no less efficient than paid promotions and sponsoring featuristics, it does drink up a few months. Advertising, therefore alongside, can take up your business go to a whole new level, FAST!

Our services will help you reach your destination in record time. We will build up your campaign, strategize as per your business’s requirements and execute each step meticulously. When in need of optimization, to help perform the campaign to its highest potential, we will also make the necessary modifications to it accordingly. And here’s the catch, this entire process conducted for the success of your campaign entirely, would only require you to spend on the paid respective advertisements, which would be about $___ _. The campaign management would be covered under the management charges itself. Your followers will skyrocket, your engagement rate would increase and your brand recognition would rise as you invest more and more money respectively.

Social Media Advertising Pricing
Social Media Advertising Pricing

Setup Fee:

Saved the best for the last. Love desserts? Well, you are about to be served the best in the package. While most agencies will charge you to set up your social media accounts into their software’ and systems or for hooking up your advertising accounts, etc, we do it for FREE. We do not charge a penny for all these preparations and nuances.

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Tact and Skill:

Our Social Media Advertising Agency furnishes you with not just cost-effective and targeted services but also skilled and tactful services. We board a team of young and focused minds who go above and beyond to sow the seeds of your campaign and water them continually, nourishing with the necessary optimizations as manure to fruit them into exemplary results in the end.

Fixed Rates:

We aim for you to lead and succeed. Therefore, we encourage you to spend more, hence, more results and higher the rate of conversion for your business, which is ultimately the supreme goal. Thus, as you invest more into your ad campaign and the subsequent management needs increase, i.e, the time and labor to develop new plans and optimization to grow them accordingly, we do not spike up our management charges. They remain fixed.

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