Search Engine Optimization Pricing

Search Engine Optimization Pricing

Visibility and Search Engine Optimization:

We provide SEO services which tailor your site to be more search engine friendly. This improves your website’s possibility to be read soon by the search engine bots which inturn enhances its possibility to rank higher. This is attained by optimizing your site through trimming and revising your meta tag descriptions, website codes, image compression and more.

Rankings and Search Engine Optimization:

Our SEO Service inculcates both on-page and off-page optimization. Thus, once the website content, keyword research and more looked after, we jump to the more significant aspect of the process, one which helps drive in the traffic from various parts of the internet organically. Be it, blogging, or increasing your social media activity, every step is religiously included in the strategy devised and employed successfully.

Search Engine Optimization Pricing
Search Engine Optimization Pricing

Conversions and Search engine optimization:

The main agenda does not involve the mere process of acquiring an inflow of traffic but rather, driving in traffic which will later most probably convert into clients and hence improve your sales. We achieve the same by employing only those keywords which your prospective clientele would make relative searches of.

All Round SEO

On Page SEO:

We dive in your website for the first step. Before the target audience is notified of your presence, it is extremely imperative that the search engines themselves are made well aware of your website’s efficiency and use. Thus, we charge as per the bar of optimization your website requires to fall under the stated radar. This involves the number of keywords you are considering to target as well as the subsequent inculcations of the chosen keyword in the code and description and the rest of optimizations accordingly.

Off Page SEO:

Once the search engine has been made to be well acquainted with your website, we start the process of luring in the traffic by the means of organic tactics such as blog writing, backlink formations and more. Depending on the number of backlinks you are aiming to form and concurrent blog articles you are willing to post, our prices slide between the average cost rates.

Search Engine Optimization Pricing
Search Engine Optimization Pricing

Custom Costing

As per your personalized needs and requirements, i.e the number of blog posts, backlinks and keywords you are considering to develop, our prices vary between a range of ___ to ___ per month. We believe in micromanagement. Therefore as soon as you finalize a deal with us, your website will be allotted to a SEO Specialist who will handle it meticulously, optimizing it for best results and administering both, on page and off page SEO. This person will constantly remain in contact with you. From the initiation of the strategy by realizing your goals and dreams, breaking them down to a minuscule to figure out the steps to be taken, to achieving them stupendously, this person will be the Godmother to your Cinderella.

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