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Creativity is intelligence having fun. Understanding and implementing the same philosophy, Tendsweb proves to be a Social Media Advertising Agency that aims for you to lead and succeed. We achieve this through a collaborative team of creative, goal-oriented, and extraordinarily skilled social media experts who devise and strategize effective and profitable Advertising Campaigns to boom your business instantaneously.
Social Media Advertising Agency

We achieve it through

Our team’s major goal while achieving the stated is to make every penny spent worthwhile, and thus we provide a plethora of services.

Cost Effective Services:

There was a time when advertising to mass audiences could not be dreamt of without it digging a huge hole in your pocket, one which on top, does not let you reap off suitable benefits off of it. Our social media advertising services, however, boards a team with the witts and talents to accomplish all your dreams at without spending money with no ROI.

Targeted Services:

As compared to traditional media, social media proves to be very benefactorial grounds in almost all aspects comparatively. Our team of specialists, thus, extract and mold its profitable opportunities of the essence to accomplish the best of the individual or organizational goals accordingly. Since this digital platform furnishes us with the possibility of choosing target audiences as per your preference, we can use our services to devise strategies that take into consideration the brand image and value. Hence, the plan developed plan chooses and aims only the audience that comes under the umbrella of characteristics of our ideal clients for maximum results and conversions.

This consideration inculcates all the necessary grounds of statistical data of the audience. Whether it be their hobbies, interests, behavior, age, geographics, gender or income, etc., the algorithm deliberates and generates a focused campaign suitably.

Rapid Results:

Our social media advertising agency believes in funneling fast results. Henceforth, we provide services that produce quick results. Our services include retargeting, follow-ups as well as mailing your email lists with the designed advertisements on top[ of the advertisement campaign already running on the multiple social platforms correspondingly on your accounts. This ensures increased brand recognition through an exponential increase in your followers and website traffic, etc.

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What amenities do we provide?

Your potential clients are spread throughout the vast and various platforms on the internet. Thus, oursocial media advertising agencyequips you with an all-round service for all the productive and beneficial media platforms online.

Social Media Advertising Agency

Facebook Advertising Services:

Facebook is a massive opportunity, providing us with the most extensive viewership and traffic, ou all social media platforms and hence the most profitable platform to advertise and expand our reach in the B2B as well as B2C assemblage.

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LinkedIn Advertising Service:

Best for gaining recognition, forming extensive and useful connections among the principal crowd, LinkedIn is a pragmatic platform for ad campaigning. Bond and influence your conversion rates through this B2B audience, extraordinarily.

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Pinterest Advertising Services:

Pinterest, being one of the best of the e-commerce websites with possibly the highest potential of prospective clients, is sure to hit the ground for maximum results.Almost 60% of the users categorize under the population earning $70,000 per month, mostly female. Besides immensely increasing your website traffic through the integrated backlinking feature the platform equips us with, Pinterest provides the keyword filtering, directing a sieved and qualitative audience to the ad.

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Instagram Advertising Services:

Creativity never ceases to go out of fashion, and our social media advertising agency likes being in style and up to the trends. Instagram provides a platform to express your uniqueness in the most delightful manner possible, and the audience as well looks forward to such features. Launching advertisements on this image-driven platform provides the opportunity to you to land tremendous numbers of prospective clients while exploring advantageous grounds.

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What Formula do we Apply?

A carefully planned and customized strategy when followed through, down to a T, is sure to push out the desired results when advertising on social media platforms. Our social media advertising agency, therefore, to make the process more effective and efficient, designs an outline of the basic necessary steps to follow, targeting all the critical metrics for producing the maximum results and customizing the stated to suit your target and needs and hence give birth to satisfactory outcomes.

1. Allot you with a committed and proficient Ad Specialist to handle your Account Personally:

Promising a cost-effective service, our social media advertising agency furnishes you with an Ad Specialist to campaign your product through advertisements on your social media accounts as per requirements. The assigned expert will understand, evaluate, and analyze your business and its needs to design a strategy as well as execute it.

2. Devise an Effective Ad Campaign Plan for your goods and services:

A customized strategy ensures the utilization of each investment made to the most and hence benefiting you to the fullest with a proper ROI rate. Molding every step to fit and align with your targets and goals, our ad specialists produce a lot of conversions for your brand.

3. Design Captivating Advertisements:

With every brand adapting to the circumstances and switching to social media platforms and its features, hiring a social media advertising agency excelling in its field of work, ensures that you get ahead in the race. Our ad experts specialize in developing and designing advertisements that are sure to be thumb-stopping and eye-catching in the sea of mostly similar ads. With constructively informative, compelling, and creative contents and graphics glorifying your brand, these scroll-stoppers are sure to rocket your conversions.

4. Track and Modify Advertisements:

The best way to always keep excelling, despite all the problems and hurdles is to strive to be better. Therefore, we believe in and continually monitoring the conduction of the campaign. Pinpointing, and modifying the low performing sectors and steps which can go a long way in achieving better and long lasting results.

5. Keep you, Posted:

The assigned specialist to your account, while keeping a tab on all the activities will remain in contact with you to keep you posted about the ongoings. For this purpose, we will arrange weekly, and monthly reports and will also entertain all your queries consequently.
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What sets us Apart?

We are a social media advertising agency with savvy tactics and technique up our sleeves ready to fantasize your audience with our captivating, compelling, and sales are driven advertisements, definite to produce maximum results. Alongside, we can furnish you to lead your industrial market by the multiple other services; ultimately we provide to make you thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions


What value do we bring, both qualitatively and quantitatively?

We measure the effectiveness of our social media advertising service through the substantial progress it brings in their respective key metrics online, increased website traffic, subsequent growth of the rate of complete conversions and brand recognition through the momentous surge in the audience engagement overall.

This indicator framework is designed specifically to align and guarantee success by spiking up your sales and clientele.

What would be the estimated rise in my website traffic?

Website traffic through the means of paid advertising on social media is factorized by the money you invest in the campaign and the efficiency of our management skills and strategies of the campaign designed. Ad campaigns dishes a give and take relation. The more money you invest in the campaign, the greater the ROI accordingly.

What would be the estimated growth in the overall conversion rate?

The estimated growth in the conversion rate fluctuates randomly. But nonetheless, it does subsequently increase overall. The responses to the ad campaign drive in a data inflow that helps assess the low performing areas, carving the track to optimize the stated and hence consecutively improve the following results.

Your product quality, price, and your online homepage address (website destination) also significantly affect the rate of conversions, which we, unfortunately, cannot handle and leverage to your benefit through the service we provide.

Would it be too costly to advertise?

As compared to traditional media, online advertisements are the boulder to the former’s mountains. However social marketing can prove to be the cheapest means of advertising with the largest audience on the entire internet. Thus, missing out on such an opportunity can be a little unbeneficial for your online business.

As compared to traditional media, online advertisements are the boulder to the former’s mountains. But nonetheless, it does charge you per click on your website. The cherry to this cake lies in the quality of visitors since most of the people who will click on your webpage were already looking for a product or service like yours, this method would help separate the wheat from the chaff. Only the potential clientele out of the targeted audience will click on your site, promising a better possibility of an increased conversion rate and hence sales. Thus, the ROI proves to be significantly profitable.

Setup Fees and more

What is the setup fee?

It does take time and effort to feed individualistic detailed information of every new client into all the necessary systems and software before we can get started on with the research and analysis and the following steps accordingly. However, we also realize that the investments you want to make are budgeted and calculative, thus we do not charge you for setup.

What time before we get started?

As soon as the upfront payment is made, we set off to get started without a second’s delay. Kicking-off with the prerequisite research if necessary followed by the development of the strategy which we follow till the very end, with the same momentum and zeal throughout.

Service and Working Together

Who will be directly managing my accounts?

We aim to administer very effective and micromanaged services to you. To accomplish the stated, your account is handled by a social media expert dedicated to your handle specifically. The aforementioned manages all the necessary aspects of your ad campaign regularly, be it recoding the low performing and high performing areas of the stated to making the necessary changes to make them perform better and maintaining an active presence in the feeds of those who’ve shown interest in relative products accordingly, hence placing yourself under new radars daily This person will be your primary means of contact in case of any query.

All the actions performed are first reported and carefully analyzed by a Director, before delivering them to your hands, guaranteeing the best quality to be sieved through.

How are you aiming to learn more about my business?

Communication is the key. Once the basics are running over with, we will prepare a suitably detailed questionnaire to get to know and learn about your business. This inquisition would be followed by a clarificatory call to understand more about your perspective and take on your brand’s advertisement detailings, your inclinations toward specific choices as well as clearing all remaining doubts or uncertainties regarding the questionnaire and your business left.

How do you aim to design ads specific to attain maximum ROI?

As we recognize your business vision, workings and product values, we also recognize your tastes and preferences through the aforementioned questionnaire. And since we have a record of the necessities, we start to build up the strategy using this data as building bricks. This strategy is devised concerning your preferences to start with, as formerly stated. If the stated strategy for the ad campaign aligns well with you as well, we start infusing the data, graphics, trends and your brand identity into the ads developed to cook up dishes you’d approve of.

A calendar is set and all posts go live once they have your consent religiously.

Would I be required to provide content for the ad campaign?

No, you wouldn’t be required to provide us ad content. Nevertheless, the more, the merrier. If you do have ad content that you wish to poach into the campaign calendar, we would be more than glad to do so satisfactorily, since it is our priority to appease you by carrying out what we do best.

Thus, we will run the campaign with unique, original and promotive advertisements, the main featuristics of which would be to induce a sense of desire towards your product or service, increase your brand awareness and value and look not too sales-y while doing so, rather striking the exact balance between promotion and content.

Do you aim to monitor the ad campaign throughout the process?

Of course. Your assigned social media manager will track every response of your social media ad campaign. Every advertisement fired up would be allotted a track record to identify the underperforming ones and henceforth make the necessary modifications in them to enhance and improve their respective ROI.

To make sure that your advertisements will prove to be as effective and impactful as intended while designing them, we run A/B split tests as well. Evaluating two groups who would most necessarily lie under your target audience umbrella accordingly, to guarantee the credibility of the stated tests.

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