Facebook Advertising Service

Facebook Advertising Service at Tendsweb stocks you with great opportunities to expand the reach of your brand, through the means of very cost effective and targeted administration for your business’s ad campaign, carried out by incredibly experienced and dedicated ad specialists.

Why you shouldn’t wait any longer?

Facebook is the most extensively exercised social media platform on the internet. With about 80% of the total internet users surfing and scrolling through their news feeds, visiting the website 3-4 times a day, it is only evident that somewhere, at diverse locations, your potential customers are doing the same.

With about $5 targeting about a 1000 people at once, it also provides the most cost-efficient ad campaign services too. Like a cherry on top, Facebook ad campaigns can be customized to be extremely targeted. Allowing you to choose and decide the age, interests, behavior and locations of the people to whom your ads will be made visible, it makes the outcomes to turn out to be extraordinarily result oriented and fruitful. Facebook Advertising service is, therefore, a brilliant decision to employ.

Facebook Advertising Service
Facebook Advertising Service

What are Facebook Advertising Services?

Facebook advertising services are professionally administered strategies inculcating all the raging and productive tips and tricks that will help you bag the wild number of clients you desire. This begins by inducing an immense increase in your website traffic, explicitly the potential buyers as the result of these ad campaigns.

Working without a plan, especially at such a comprehensive platform is like walking in a room full of light, blind. Even though Facebook provides some of the most pragmatic and profitable features to be exploited to one’s advantage, it also demands skills and tact to extract the best of its essence.

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What Procedure to we Adopt?

1. Research and Analysis:

Our ad specialist adopts the ideology of learning from the experiences into our campaign designing process. Thus, they conduct elaborate research to figure out your business, your target goals, finding out what your competitors are doing and nailing down your ideal customer’s persona, down to the t. Once through with the basics, they jump on figuring and analyzing your previous ad campaigns to pin down the do’s and don’t accordingly.

2. Strategy Development:

The data inflow from the research conducted is of extreme significance to the process of strategy development. Every fact and figure is evaluated to devise a productive and profitable, personalized plan to your business’s specific needs.

3. Ad Design and Development:

Once the strategy is successfully penned down, in comes its deliberate execution to nail the results accordingly. Our Facebook Advertising service boards extremely talented copywriters, exceptionally trained to craft appropriately informative as well as eye-catching ads to bring in more clicks and engagement.

4. Tracking:

Tracking and auditing all the responses and engagement from the ad campaigns, keeping an eye on the budget, to be as cost efficient yet effective as possible, our ad specialists understand and realize the significance of this step sincerely.

5. Enhancement and Improvement:

As the responses of the ad posts start coming in, the real work begins. When one is in for the long term, only those survive who continually strive to be better. Thus, we observe, improve, enhance, and constantly improvise, assessing what works and does not work, hence making modifications as required.

6. Reporting:

At the end of each week and month, our ad specialist will compose and compile a clear and elaborate report of the progress of the ad campaign launched on the stated platform.

Why Choose Us?

# Familiar and Skilled:

Our ad specialists know the campaign waters exceptionally well. Each step they take and every decision they make is very well thought through, based on the many experiences they have had earlier.

# You are not a spectator:

While we work on the campaign creation, launch, and execution, you do not merely sit on the bleachers, cheering us on, as we play the fields. No! You are our sponsors and every change made, and the decision taken is first approved by you and only then and then executed. At the end of the game, when the results and scores come in, you will be provided by a comprehensive report weekly and monthly.

# One-stop Service:

Ours is a one-stop service. We equip you with the means and amenities to conquer the entire digital market industry of your field. We provide a full service in the online marketing department, be it Social Media Advertising & Management on all necessary and worthwhile platforms or Web designing and development, etc. We do it all.

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