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Our SEO Service Agency caches strategies, talents and the professionals alongside latest SEO trends which we religiously follow to make sure that you come up on top of your game as well as the Search Engine’s. Your success board is decorated by the means of Elevated Search Engine Rankings which pins up Increased Website Traffic and henceforth the satisfactory Assessable Results too.

Why these major goals?

A prerequisite to extort the best results indicates an intense need to be clear about the key metrics to focus on. The following are our key success indicators.

SEO Service Agency

Better Search Engine Rankings:

Our SEO service agency accommodates a team of some of the best SEO specialists who analyze, review, and implement changes to your website in order to get you into the higher leagues, permanently. They follow the code and conduct of the white hat SEO, avoiding the tacky conduct of stuffing, cloaking, etc. They use the three ‘T’s, i.e the latest and best SEO trends,techniques and tactics to devise a strategy that furnishes maximum quality results.Whether it be the use of all the right keywords in regards to the target audience you are aiming for or backlinking, Tendsweb does it all.

Increased Website Traffic:

A higher ranking in the search engine increases the chances of being clicked and visited thus resulting in an increased website traffic. We, being one of the best SEO service agency, strive to make the maximum of your target audience invested in your website, by using the right keywords and optimizing the website from top to bottom and ensuring that it comes in the SERP when a related keyword is entered into the search box.

SEO Service Agency
SEO Service Agency

Assessable Results:

Data inflow is extremely natural and beneficial in Search Engine Optimization. In fact, it is the data flow ultimately, which deduced, optimizes your website towards greatness. Thus, to make sure that the essence of this aspect of the process is completely extracted for maximum improvement, our SEO service agency follows the path of transparency in the weekly and monthly statistic reports presented. These reports elaborate about every tactic and tip which lead to an increased achievement in the preferred goals as well as about the ones which failed to do so, which further helps in understanding the changes to be implemented.

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What does our SEO Service Agency
do differently?

Choosing the best is your concern and living up to your expectations and needs is ours. So, to strike the perfect compatibility, we bring you the best services at your steps.

Customized SEO Services:

We aim for you to not just to Survive, But THRIVE.

We realize and understand that each business and each project is unique to its needs and requirements, thus, demands special attention directed down to the essence of it, for it to thrive and not just survive. Our SEO service agency makes sure that happens. Dealing with your project with utmost precision of evaluation in order to sprout out its best of qualities, watering them and nurturing it to grow and be fruitful. We cater to your unique needs, specific goals and budgets and make the best of it all.

In-House SEO Services:

We are there, in flesh, hand-in-hand.

Unlike many other SEO service agencies that work with subcontractors, passing on the work and getting it done through suboptimal sources, to give you a dissatisfactory assistance, our agency provides in-house service. We board a team of professionals and experts that perspire to aspire and optimize your website to reach its full potential as well as acquire the top rankings in its field of target in our own offices, under our guidance.

SERP SEO Specialisation:

We know exactly where to put the foot while we climb the ladder.

It is the small details that makes it a masterpiece. Our SEO services, therefore, makes sure to inculcate those details. The experts working on your website are specialised in the key factors that make up the ranks. Whether it be marketing on social media, advertising or web designing, we provide a Full IN-HOUSE expert service at our SEO agency. This all round optimization, thus, leaves no stone unturned in making you reach great heights.

What Procedure do we follow?

A carefully planned and customized strategy when followed through, down to a T, is sure to push out the desired results. Our specialists, therefore, to make the process more effective and efficient by designing an outline of the basic necessary steps to follow, targeting all the key metrics for best results. Customizing the stated to suit your target and needs and hence give birth to satisfactory outcomes.

# Business Evaluation & Site Analysis:

It is not until our specialists know what content currently drives your website, what is working and effective and what is dragging you down that they get on with the planning.An elaborate evaluation and analysis, therefore is a prerequisite.

# Strategy & Goal Development:

Once the analysis is completed, the evaluated data inflow acts as the grounds on which the strategy is built. All the merits and demerits of the steps taken earlier are inculcated, avoided and optimized to the best accordingly into the new plan devised. The analysis provides the specialists with target goals to be achieved and maneuvered.

# Setup:

As soon as the target goal is pinned down, our specialists get down to setup the key metrics that are to be mandatorily followed in order to accomplish the aim. This checklist is to be systematically engineered into the site, going the extra mile as per the need of the hour.

# Optimization Execution:

The checklist pinned is now to be executed religiously. Including all aspects of your website optimization, these measures are carried down to the T, resulting into a very satisfactory and suitable outcome. Whether it be keyword optimization, code optimization, mapping, etc, we bend over backwards to meet them all.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What value do we bring, both qualitatively and quantitatively?

We measure the effectiveness of our search engine optimization service through the substantial progress it brings in its respective key metrics online I.e, increased organic website traffic and search engine rankings, hence the subsequent growth of the rate of complete conversions and brand recognition through the momentous surge in the audience engagement overall.
This indicator framework is designed specifically to align and guarantee success by spiking up your sales and clientele.

How long before I start noticing the results?

Search Engine Optimization can be tricky. While some search keywords might have only a couple thousand results to compete with, others would have to compete with a couple of million results to rise to the top. Thus, your results would be noticeably visible depending on the competition in the industry and the target keywords chosen. We, however, aim to conquer any and all the roadblocks on the way to serve you the results within a ___ to ____ month time frame.

How frequently will I get a progress report?

You are guaranteed weekly and monthly reports in regards to the advances and growth made in the process and henceforth the results. In case you wish to schedule a different timetable, contact us accordingly to discuss the situation and thus we can work up a suitable solution that will be acceptable to both.

Setup Fees and more

What is the setup fee?

It does take time and effort to feed individualistic detailed information of every new client into all the necessary systems and software before we can get started on with the research and analysis and the following steps accordingly. However, we also realize that the investments you want to make are budgeted and calculative, thus we do not charge you for setup.

What time before we get started?

As soon as the upfront payment is made, we set off to get started without much delay. Kicking-off with the prerequisite research, if necessary, followed by the development of the strategy which we follow till the very end, with the same momentum and zeal throughout the entire process of running the campaign.

Service and Working Together

Who will be directly managing my accounts?

We aim to administer very effective and micromanaged services to you. To accomplish the stated, your account is handled by an SEO specialist dedicated to your website’s optimization specifically. The aforementioned manages all the necessary aspects of your site regularly, be it the complete analysis of your site and hence the on-page and off-page SEO performed, maintaining a strict sense of brand integrity in it while doing so and hence developing an active, search engine friendly presence to ride up the rankings, etc. This person will also record the responses and report to you and us. He/she will be your primary means of contact in case of any query.

All the significant actions performed and deliverables delivered are first reported and carefully analyzed by a Director, before executing them over into your website, guaranteeing the best quality to be sieved through

How do you aim to choose suitable keywords for my business?

Communication is the key. Once the basics are ran over with, we will prepare a suitably detailed questionnaire to get to know and learn about your business. This inquisition would be followed by elaborate research and analysis to figure out the most worthwhile and profitable keywords that would suit your business. Profitable and worthwhile indicates the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of the keywords, those who most definitely furnish a high search rate, less competition, and closest relativity to your business to invite the right audience.

How and on what basis will you run the competitive analysis?

We very well recognize the efficiency and significance of learning what not to do from the ones below us and what to do from the ones above us. That is, learning from the mistakes of your competitors that made them fail in certain aspects as well as identifying the secret to their success. This helps us to improve and enhance our strategy to suit better to the industry and not only make you survive but thrive digitally. Our keyword research tools and SEO specialist helps us accomplish this feat spectacularly.

What will you change on my website? Will it be different?

There is nothing to worry about. Our SEO services would not endanger the integrity and somatics of your websites in the least. We will trim and tailor your content to fit in the necessary keywords that induce your upranks, make a few changes in the website code and add in suitable tags accordingly. These modifications will help improve your site dynamics to best suit to the search engine as well as target your ideal audience, inviting in loads of possible conversions.

How are you going to write blogs for my business?

As we recognize your business vision, workings and product values, we also recognize your tastes and preferences through the aforementioned questionnaire. And since we have a record of the necessities, we start to build up the strategy and content using this data as building bricks. The strategy is developed concerning your ideal customer's preferences to start with, as formerly stated. If the stated aligns well with you as well, we start infusing the data, your brand identity, and your client's needs into one to come up with blog ideas and content to cook up a matter you and audience would approve of.

A calendar is set and all posts go live once they have your consent religiously.

Would I have to contribute to blog ideas or blog content?

No, you wouldn’t be required to provide our blog content or ideas necessarily in the least. Nevertheless, the more, the merrier. If you do have a blog content or idea that you wish to share, we would be more than glad to do so satisfactorily, since it is our priority to appease you by carrying out what we do best.

Thus, we will post and share original and captivating blog content, the main featuristics of which would be to make your audience interested in you. By providing them with solutions and information that is of need and importance, we make them feel that you are around, always ready to help when necessary.

How do you plan to get backlinks for my website?

Be it image sharing, article writing, social bookmarking or local listing, etc, we leave no means to create backlinks and expand your reach and connectivity on the internet, hence enhancing your off-page SEO game up multiple notches.

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