Email Marketing Service Providers

Old is Gold. There is some truth to that expression, and with good reason. Email Marketing has been a part of the digital marketing saga since the break of dawn, and it doesn’t seem that this tactic is dying down anytime soon. Thus, it only makes sense to choose the best Email Marketing Service Providers to handover and handle this significant aspect of your web marketing. Our agency has aboard a team of dedicated, skilled, and tactful digital marketing experts who work towards getting your brand on the top of the most ‘Wanted’ list of your industry.

We adopt the latest and most effective techniques to skyrocket your sales, and while you are busy managing the increasing numbers, we continue to provide you with more to lead, a beautifully beneficial cycle. Whether it be automated email marketing techniques or device optimized correspondences, we entail every success driven trick under our sleeve to and make you win the race with flying colors.

Why shouldn’t you wait any longer?

There is a reason why Email Marketing has survived throughout the rapid and extensive growth of this digital marketing haul. We know that without going too much into the details, the data would speak for itself. With about 54% of the population equipped with email addresses and another few billions to be added to the list soon, with 205 billion email transmissions taking place daily, email is one of the most colossally used modes of communication till date.

As a cherry sitting on top of your cake, choosing the right Email Marketing Service provider can bring up your ROI rate up to a staggering 4400% or even more, i.e, $44 for every $1 investment on an email. Still, need more reason? Well, the list goes on. The target of all this marketing is to ultimately increase the rate of conversion of your leads into clients. Concurrently, email marketing has the most massive rate of conversion as compared to all other online marketing services.

Email Marketing Service Providers
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What amenities do we provide?

Upon grasping and evaluating the massive impact email marketing has on your business’s success, it becomes extremely imperative that the strategies implemented and the services employed should align with your preferred targets and goals. Our team ensures this by providing a range of Email Marketing services to accomplish the stated.
Email Marketing Service Providers

Strategize to Fraternize:

Each Email is a strategy unto its own. Every single one needs to be calculatively devised and arranged for it to have the influence intended. An email, however, is not just about content. To make the best out of every penny spent, the first step is not to let it go to waste.

Thus, a list of the best and possibly the most active group of potential clients should be accumulated and segmented as per their preferences through the means of a strategy. This should be followed by the fabrication of the mail infused with engaging content, assimilation of indulging graphics, and last but not the least, the impending ‘when’ and ‘how’.
Email Marketing Service Providers

Bait :

To gather an expansive aggregate of leads and their email address to start the conversion process, our team of digital marketers begins the execution of tips and tricks to compel and motivate viewers into ultimately providing us with their account mandatories for communication. These tips and tricks many times recommend the use of alluring incentives that drive an exchange of this information by striking a bargain for something of value to them which only we provide. These baits are in the form of newsletters, quiz results, eBooks, Guides and checklists, etc, which we help develop for you in the brand image of your product and services specifically to gather only the preferred target audience.
Email Marketing Service Providers

Call to Catch:

To obtain the maximum results out of the campaign planned, it is best if the prepared lead magnets are promoted exponentially. To do so, the strategy devised is enriched with promotive tools such as pop-up forums, floating headers and sidebar forums, all of which act as a call to action for driving your website visitors into becoming a part of your email target lists. Our email marketing services make sure to infuse such tactics indefinitely to gain more such subscribers from your website traffic.
Email Marketing Service Providers

Reign through Campaign:

Email marketing can be taken to an even higher level by running a campaign of the lead magnets implanted to drive traffic into your subscriptions. A successful, effective, and efficient path to achieving that is through our very result oriented and tactful social media marketing and SEO specializing team at Tendsweb. Once you are on to running the promised successful advertising campaigns on other such platforms as well, there is no doubt you could reign the market of your industrial field.
Email Marketing Service Providers

Recommend and Ascend:

An email marketing software can be extremely helpful in running a systemized and effectively implemented strategy into existence for successfully maneuvered results. We, therefore, help you choose and finalize the software for executing the stated. This software is selected based on their characteristic traits, on whether they align best with our working style to produce the best results.
Email Marketing Service Providers

Better the Newsletter:

Since emails are the most direct means of communication as compared to the rest of digital marketing services, the content sent can be used to great advantage. Our email marketing services, therefore, taking into consideration the implications and importance of the content added, craft it under your brand image as well as garnish it in such a manner that it produces maximum conversions, etc accordingly before delivering
Email Marketing Service Providers

Maintain and Retain:

Updations and maintenance are the rules to retain your position at the top. Thus, the target list should reflect the same ideology to generate better and productive outcomes. An unresponsive list of subscribers is a waste of money, effort and time. Not only this, it can degrade your brand impact in the market, since the potential, responsive clients can’t reach your services if they do not know about them, especially when all the resources are being wasted on the wrong crowd. We are an Email Marketing Service Provider Agency who understands the gravity of such situations and its repercussions and thus make necessary modifications periodically.
Email Marketing Service Providers

Report and Reassess:

Progress reports are essential to becoming better. Understanding the same, our agency remains in contact with you continually, providing you with weekly and monthly reports and analytics of the implemented strategy’s outcome.
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What makes us Unique?

The best way to climb the ladder and remain on top is through vigorous efforts on not just one, but all aspects of your marketing. We recognize the same and thus provide you with a full, in house service on all facets of digital media. From SEO Services to Web Designing, etc., our agency’s motto is to leave no stone unturned in carving your success path with tactful precision and a result oriented mindset.

Frequently Asked Questions


What value do you bring, both qualitatively and quantitatively?

We measure the effectiveness of our email marketing service through the substantial progress it brings in the significant metrics, an increased number of new subscribers, open rate and click-through rate and hence the subsequent growth of the rate of complete conversions and brand recognition through the momentous surge in the engagement overall.
This indicator framework is designed specifically to align and guarantee success by spiking up your sales and clientele.

How many Emails do you recommend sending each month?

With the type of business you run, the frequency, type as well as the content of your Email being sent to your subscribers change. Email marketing demands the expertise to strike the perfect balance in the rate at which you send out your composition since the scales if once tip you into spam, all work goes down the drain. Our digital media expert registers the stated problem and tackles it with tact by preparing a calendar to send out the mails weekly or as necessary according to the business.

Setup Fees and more

What is the setup fee?

It does take time and effort to feed individualistic detailed information of every new client into all the necessary systems and software before we can get started on with the research and analysis and the following steps accordingly. However, we also realize that the investments you want to make are budgeted and calculative, thus we do not charge you for setup.

What time before we get started?

As soon as the upfront payment is made, we set off to get started without a second’s delay. Kicking-off with the prerequisite research if necessary followed by the development of the strategy which we follow till the very end, with the same momentum and zeal throughout.

Service and Working Together

Who will be directly managing my accounts?

We aim to administer very effective and micromanaged services to you. To accomplish the stated, your account is handled by a digital media expert dedicated to your account specifically. The aforementioned manages all the necessary aspects of your account regularly, be it responding to the responses and queries made by the subscribers, maintaining an active presence through regular mail, etc as well as record the responses and report to you and us. This person will be your primary means of contact in case of any query.

All the content sent and actions performed are first reported and carefully analyzed by a Director, before handing them over to you, guaranteeing the best quality to be sieved through.

How are you aiming to learn more about my business?

Communication is the key. Once the basics are ran over with, we will prepare a suitably detailed questionnaire to get to know and learn about your business. This inquisition would be followed by a clarificatory call to understand more about your perspective and take on the content, your inclinations toward specific patterns and choices for the emails as well as clearing all remaining doubts or uncertainties regarding the questionnaire and your business left.

How do you aim to make emails designed specifically for my business?

As we recognize your business vision, workings and product values, we also recognize your tastes and preferences through the aforementioned questionnaire. And since we have a record of the necessities, we start to build up the strategy and content using this data as building bricks. The strategy is developed concerning your ideal customer's preferences to start with, as formerly stated. If the stated aligns well with you as well, we start infusing the data, trends and your brand identity into the email to cook up dishes you and your subscribers would approve of.

A calendar is set and all posts go live once they have your consent religiously.

Would I be required to provide content?

No, you wouldn’t be required to provide us with email ideas or content in the least. Nevertheless, the more, the merrier. If you do have content that you wish to share, we would be more than glad to do so satisfactorily, since it is our priority to appease you by carrying out what we do best.

Thus, we will share original and captivating emails, the main featuristics of which would be to make your audience stay with you throughout and learn the information that you have to offer as well as make them curious about you and look forward to knowing more about you.

Do you aim to monitor the ad campaign throughout the process?

Of course. Your assigned digital media expert will track every response to your email marketing campaign. Every subscriber added would be allotted a track record to identify the unengaged ones and henceforth make the necessary modifications in the list to enhance and improve their respective ROI.

We will write emails that serve to offer real and useful information to your subscribers to keep them invested into you for long terms. These emails are aimed to prove to be as effective and impactful as intended while designing for your target audience accordingly, to guarantee the credibility of the results and responses.

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