Google Ads Services

Google Ads Services prove to be an essential feature for overcoming the hardships that the digital competition crafts. Recognizing the significance of winning the top three positions and the rewards they grant simultaneously, Tendsweb harbours a team of tactful and experienced specialists to manage your product’s google search advertisements, helping you land the top three positions, granting you an increased visibility, expanded brand awareness and a promising increase in the conversion rate as well.

Why not wait any longer?

Google Search Ads act as a ropeway ride to an otherwise tedious, lethargic and time-consuming climb up the mountain of the SEO rigged boulders and hardships. Google encompasses thousands and millions of result pages for each keyword search. To make sure that yours comes in the top rankings of the SERPs can sometimes eat up a lot of time as well as resources.

Google search ads get your website in the top three rankings, directly increasing website traffic, impressions, and brand recognition with every click made. As per the statistics, 49% of people are more inclined to click on search ads in the SERP when a search for a keyword is made. Similarly, there lies a 49% increase in your website viewership when a search related to your keyword is created when this facility is successfully administered.

Google Ads Services
Google Ads Services

Why an Adwords Management Agency?

Money is a means of barter. Therefore it only makes sense that each time you invest in something, the ROI rate should be profitable and rewarding enough for it to be worthwhile. The more the investment, the more the return. Thus, instead of spending time and labor over a significantly complicated but necessary means of marketing such as Google search ads, handing over the task stated to trained professionals is the optimum method to handle such circumstances.

Adwords Management agencies like ours are trained and experienced in conducting already pretty successful search ad campaigns before by following a proven and tested outlined strategy. Hence, helping you get the best out of what exists.

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What is the tested and proven formula?

1. Research and Analysis:

Our specialists begin to build up the grounds to develop an efficient and effective Google search ad campaign for your product and service. They start by conducting thorough and elaborate research to nail down the keyword most suitable as well as comparatively less competitive for your product. They figure out the target audience and potential customers, inculcating the deductions of their behaviors and other demographics into the data reserved for choosing and investing in the keyword.

2. Money matters:

Google search ads are an investment of the finest if appropriately tackled. We make sure to make the most cost-efficient choices. Helping you develop a budget and abiding by it sincerely, our specialists carry integrity, honesty, and ultimately, your welfare in their minds while managing the stated.

3. Ad Framing and Formation:

Once the keyword, costing and customer personas have been nailed down, our specialist frame a persuasive outline, completely furnished with the links, meta descriptions, callouts, and contact information accordingly, before it goes live.

4. Enhance and Improve:

Once the seed has been sown, it requires nurturing. Similarly, Google search ads require attention and optimization, adapting well to the dynamics of human nature as well as the trends to acquire the best of results.

Why Choose Us?

# Regular Monitoring:

Our assigned advertisement specialist will keep a rigorously focused and necessary track of all the responses and feedback the Google search Ads produce and record them for future references.

# You are not a spectator:

Our google adw service agency sincerely recognizes the significance of transparency and collaborative work. We keep you involved and on the inlines of every move that we make. You are not mere spectators.

# Fixed Rates:

The rates as decided and proposed while signing the deal and setting you as our client remain the same, irrespective of the work put in.

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