Google Shopping Ads Services

Google shopping ads are your ticket to earn an increase in instantaneous purchase rates. Tendsweb helps you to not only skyrocket those rates up but also help establish an extensively and continually expanding brand recognition for your product through the means of proper resources and talents.

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Google shoppings ads are 76.4% of the total retail search spend. Not only this, it produces more than 3/4th of the total number of clicks on Google Adwords, i.e., 86%. These statistics prove the growing power and significance of Google Shopping ads in the global online retail market overall.

Maximum of the consumers, type in the related keyword into the search box, before making a purchase. The moment they do so, the products synced with google shopping ads appear exactly below the search box, imprinting a lasting memory of it on their minds. They are formatted in a box that displays a picture of the offered product, along with all the necessary details compiled and condensed in an impactful manner accordingly. This outlook creates a notably profound impression on the consumers, inducing a strong inclination to buy from your brand.

Google Shopping Ads Services
Google Shopping Ads Services

Why the need for an agency service?

Google Shopping ads can influence your instant purchases imminently if they are administered and executed most effectively and impressively as possible. A managing agency furnishes your ad with a sufficiently suitable and tasteful touch, making your sales go up multiple notches.

Specialists help your ad navigate the right paths to score more than the priorly stated motive. Google Shopping ads, besides triggering and inducing accelerated sales, also target your website traffic and Lead generation all the while amplifying your brand awareness.

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What is the tested and proven formula?

1. Setup:

As the age-old tradition states, before getting started with an elaborate strategy, a great deal of preparation and installation should be maneuvered for best results. Our advertisement specialists thus, structure and set up your Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center account, respectively. This is followed by rather imperative research to deduct your ideal customer persona as well as remain updated with your competitors moves.

2. Money matters:

An ad campaign is generally launched to make a profitable return of the investment made along with the complementary brand recognition gained. To attain the stated, a very strategically planned procedure should be executed, precisely, one which proves effective under the bars of a set budget. This declared budget covers all the necessary aspects and areas of funding that would be obligatory for a fruitful campaign

3. Ad Framing and Formation:

Once the account has been set, data has been collected, and a plan synced with the budget has been devised, the ad specialists get to the part of enrapturing and captivating consumer interest of the target audiences. They design ads with a natural yet tastefully satisfying picture of your product, endorsed by all the mandatory details of links, price, etc

4. Ad Placement:

Besides the importance of the related keywords chosen as per your products, identity and target audience, the placement of these Google shopping ads carry a likewise significance in boosting the success of the ad campaigns and its outcomes.

Why Choose Us?

# Actions speak:

We furnish you with an all-round blockbuster package: Skills, resources, and experience. This combo package, when administered, specifically customized to your needs and requirements, is sure to yield incredible results

# Regular Records and Reports:

Tracking and recording all the feedback from the Google shopping ads launched, we report back to you with utmost honesty and transparency. The tracking is done on a fairly regular basis, and you will be handed over the compilations of said records weekly and monthly.

# One-Stop:

We embellish you with as incredulous and impressive services like this one on multiple other platforms and categories of social media, to help you not just survive, but thrive in this expanding digital era.

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